What's in our Wardrobe?

Our patterns are collated into Wardrobes rather than released by season or collection. Like any wardrobe, we'll add patterns to them over time. You can be sure each pattern within a wardrobe has been designed to complement other items within the wardrobe. Pick a couple of items from the same wardrobe & rest assured they'll look smashing together.

Our Launch Wardrobe

We've started Pattern and Cloth with our Arts Society wardrobe, stemming from Miami, Florida. The wardrobes direction has been influenced by the bold gritty street art, flora & fauna, current flourishing design and the cities history of modernist influence that makes the city of Miami an exciting design influence. I love that Miami is vibrant in every sense of the word. It's a city cloaked in colour & diversity. From the people that reside there to the design & architecture that intersperse the city streets. Miami is all encompassing when it comes to celebrating art & design from the modernist to the modern.

Photo by Andrea_Hill/iStock / Getty Images

Ready for the Movies

Our dress below is named after the great Olympia Theatre which opened it doors in 1926 to showcase silent movies. The Olympia Theatre is iconic in Miami - Elvis played there... what more can I say!


Laced in Cotton

The Milkweed plant is native to Florida so with that being said & a super cute name to boot our Milkweed Top was named.


Photo by THEPALMER/iStock / Getty Images

Golden Sun & Honeybees

Our top below takes its name from the Powder Puff tree grown in Florida. The puffball blooms attract honeybees & hummingbirds. I just had to make a golden honey coloured top after this name was picked.