Sewing Pattern Tester

What's required to test a pattern?

  • Once you've sewn up the garment, you'll need to fill out the feedback form & return to me within 10 days of receiving your pattern. I aim to distribute test patterns on a Friday, so you have 2 weekends to complete. 
  • You'll need access to a model in the size you intend to make the garment in.
  • Some sewing knowledge.
  • Access to a digital camera/smart phone to take photos of any fit issues.
  • Supply 2-3 photos of the finished garment.

What's in it for me?

  • Post feedback, once all the updates have been amended to the pattern & instructions. You'll receive the finished pattern & instructions via
    email link.
  • I'll post on my website & social media my favourite dresses & link to your social media platforms (if you'd like me to).

Please complete the form below

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Pattern and Cloth sewing patterns

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